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Become a Wurtsboro Board of Trade Member!

Qualifications for membership are simple: Any business with a Wurtsboro address having a 12790 postal zip code.

Each qualified business shall be treated as one member for voting purposes, regardless of the number of representatives attending meetings.

Why Should You Join?

1.  The unity of common goals:
          • to promote good will and cooperation among its members
          • to foster trade and commerce in the Village of Wurtsboro
          • to render constructive civic services for the promotion of the welfare of the community and of the  

             citizens of the Village of Wurtsboro. 
2. Marketing and promotion opportunities
          • Listing of events and offers 

          • Announcements  

          • Displaying of press coverage

          • New owner bio page 

          • Link to your own website
          • Links to other organizations
3.      Joint advertising opportunities
4.      Joint marketing opportunities
5.      Unified business voice on local government affairs
6.      Sharing of ideas for opportunities and events
7.      Camaraderie and a sense of community
8.      The opportunity to improve the community in general


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